10 Best Places For High School Students to Study

A strategic approach to studying helps college students improve their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade. Do high school students learn these strategies early enough?  

10 Best Places For High School Students to Study


This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these high school student study spots are tried and true and have worked for millions of students worldwide. A combination of these study places and times may work for you, or maybe you’d be better off picking one and sticking with it.  You get to decide, and you might be surprised to see how quickly establishing a study routine in these places will make you more productive and empowered! 

1. The Library

Tried and true, the library is still a great go-to for high school studying and tops all the lists for college as well as high school. Not only will you have peace and quiet but you should have great internet access and plenty of table space. 

2. An Empty Classroom

Ask your teacher or counselor if a room or classroom space is available after school. It can be a great place to study in peace.

3. A Friendly Home 

Have a family friend living nearby? An aunt or cousin?  A home with a real dining room table and home cooked food can be just the inspiration you need to put in a long study spot session. If it is a study buddy’s home, just be sure to set rules to stay focused – such as 40 minutes of focus, 10 min break, 40 minutes of focus and 15 minute break.  One more 40 minutes, and you’re done! 

4. Outdoors

Find a picnic table or front porch and study in the fresh air. Sometimes, new perspective is everything, !

5. Basement, Fort, or Crawlspace

Lots of teens and high school students find inspiration in creating one space for studying and another for reading for pleasure.  At times, they are the same.  Is there a spot in the house you can claim? Even a portion of your bedroom where you can create the lighting and color scheme to inspire absorption of those new geometry rules is the magical zone.

6. Coffee Shops

Many of these offer nice table space and free Wi-Fi. Just make sure you purchase something if you plan to take up their space!  High school students are usually welcome.

7. A Quiet Diner

A quiet diner is often a good choice for studying. Just make sure they don’t mind if you linger after the meal has been cleared away. A generous tip for your server is usually in order.

8. A Bookstore

Many bookstores have cafes, cozy chairs, tables and other additions to make them more welcoming to casual patrons like yourself. Why not take advantage of this ideal high school student study spot and go for it?

9. The Bus

Do you have to ride the bus or train to and from class each day? These make great high school study spots! Use the time you’re on board as a spot to study and open up some extra free time for other things you enjoy.

10. Not a place, but a time.

Have you tried changing the time you study?  Difficult to juggle  after school activities or early morning routines?  Does 8 pm work or is that the time you get sleepy?  Maybe shifting to 6 am for a good hour will meet with your body’s natural focus time.  You might be surprised.  Or, if there’s a good hour between school ending and your band practice, can you ask a teacher for a quiet corner that’s free of friend interruption? 

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box for space and time study spots.  Remember, lots of late nights will work against you, eventually. Try to reserve your bed for sleep or leisure activities like reading only, so when it’s time to rest, you don’t associate it with stress or school work.

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Jan 20, 2022

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