About Us

Holistic Learning is a team of passionate professionals who want to help high school students live healthy, happy, and stress-free lives. We offer a wide range of services to prepare them for college, jobs, and beyond.

Our Mission

At Holistic Learning, we want to help create a generation of purposeful, confident, and happy young people who are ready to take on the many issues our world faces. By integrating services in multiple domains – academics, wellness, and career development – we aim to help students find their unique paths in life.

1-on-1 Tutoring

By offering 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with top tier tutors, we aim to provide students with both the knowledge they need to succeed in their classes, and the tools they need to thrive academically beyond high school.

Learning Strategies

Learning, like everything, is a skill that can be honed over time. Our trained learning strategist provides students with evidence based note-taking techniques, study strategies, and problem solving approaches which can help them learn more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Meditation & Wellness

Our mindfulness meditation courses, goal-setting sessions, and stress management seminars are designed to help students find peace and calm, which will prepare them to take on challenges with confidence and resolve. We believe that a centered mind is a prerequisite for true success.

Guidance Counseling

Our college & career counselors have years of experience helping students make tough decisions about their futures. By providing engaging informational videos, group advising sessions, and individual counseling, they are here to make sure students feel confident in their choices about college and beyond.

Career Development

There are thousands of careers out there for students to choose from, but navigating these seemingly endless options can be daunting and stressful. Career seminars with professionals from dozens of fields help expose students to career paths they might otherwise never be exposed to, and help them establish a network of connections that they can lean on for years to come.

Our Team

Meet the experts who comprise the Holistic Learning team!
Eli M.

Eli M.

Chief Wellness Officer

Eli’s background is in cognitive neuroscience and he has spent the last decade exploring the human mind from different perspectives. Doing behavioral, biological, and educational research has helped him discover some of the fundamental truths about learning, attention, and memory. In his own life, he has done thousands of hours of yoga and meditation, helping him to see more clearly the way that his own mind works. As Chief Wellness Officer, he enjoys sharing what he has learned with everyone at Holistic Learning through guided meditations and wellness workshops. He also spends time integrating wellness concepts and practices into all of the services that Holistic Learning offers, in order to ensure that students achieve truly sustainable well-being.

Jess S.

Jess S.

College & Career Counselor

Jess has worked in the fields of education and mental health for over a decade, most recently as a high school counselor and college academic advisor. One of the most rewarding aspects of her career has been supporting students in achieving their goals – especially getting accepted to college – and celebrating their success. Her orientation to counseling is student-centered, meaning that she values building relationships, understanding students’ needs and goals, and co-creating a plan with them. She believes that academic success must be achieved in tandem with social-emotional wellness, and that every person has something unique and valuable to bring to their community and the world. She is looking forward to joining you on your journey!

Kush P.

Kush P.

Chief Learning Officer

Kush comes from the world of physiology and neuroscience and is currently a medical student in Chicago, IL. He is very interested in how the brain works and is passionate about using his knowledge of neuroscience to make studying more fun and manageable for students at every point in their education. Throughout his college years, he helped hundreds of students achieve their academic aspirations through his role as a tutor, peer mentor to students with disabilities, study group leader, and learning strategist. As Chief Learning Officer at Holistic Learning, he enjoys creating learning strategy content for students as well as designing a holistic tutoring curriculum to ensure that true and meaningful understanding is achieved.

Katie H.

Katie H.


Katie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a great passion for nutrition education. In her career, she has enjoyed exploring the ways in which food and wellness practices impact how we feel and function. She is passionate about teaching people how to adequately nourish both their bodies and minds in order to lead healthier and happier lives. From years of experience, she has seen the impact nutrition can have on how we are able to meet our goals, fulfill our responsibilities, and show up fully for ourselves. As a Nutritionist at Holistic Learning, she enjoys helping students build confidence in nourishing their own bodies and supporting their overall health and well-being, thereby optimizing focus and performance both inside and outside of the classroom.

Gloria G.

Gloria G.

Learning Strategist

Gloria has been working with students of all ages for over 15 years both inside and outside of the classroom. She has a background in educational psychology and has primarily focused on building and maintaining student success programs in higher education settings in recent years. She has developed and instructed a series of workshops and learning strategy sessions that focus on student development and academic success. Her main goal as a Learning Strategist is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate confidently through life by building upon their own strengths and talents. Come to her for help developing a personalized approach to learning that best fits your needs and learning style, ultimately helping you to reach your full potential!


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