How Students Find Focus, Motivation, and Wellness

Being a teenager often feels like racing to jump onto a moving train before it leaves the station. So, it's no secret high school students struggle to stay focused. The key lies in student wellness.

What If?

How can you think about the latest physical change in your body, that upcoming chemistry test, the part-time job, basketball practice, college applications, dating, career options and… All without feeling a bit overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed?  And, this doesn’t even include those cell-phone interruptions!

What if you could soften and relax your racing thoughts?  If you could make a conscious decision to direct your mind to another place to “reset”, would you?


Holistic Learning’s Chief Wellness Officer Eli Marx-Kahn specializes in meditation and mindfulness exercises for student wellness because they teach how to simply “breathe out your worries”. And, these take just a few minutes to master. 

“Being aware of sensations in our bodies allows us to find stillness,” states Marx-Kahn.  “Through simple breathing exercises, we consciously decide to direct our mind to a place it can soften and relax.  Then, we learn to consistently recognize our own ‘home base’ or anchor. We can keep coming back to base as a source of peace. Once you have this, you are ready to tackle anything.”

In The 24 Brilliant Benefits Of Meditation For Students (Backed By SCIENCE), “… meditation has an incredibly wide range of benefits. These include focusing and concentrating for longer periods of time, lowering and coping with stress, improving self-esteem, and increasing resilience, motivation and social confidence.”

Habits For Lifelong Wellness

Intro to Meditation” is part of a 8-10 minute video series, important elements of Holistic Learning’s personal growth tools. However, teens quickly find the benefits of meditation are not just limited to the personal. A relaxed and grounded mindset helps to be a better, more focused student, as well. 

The Holistic Learning team is committed to providing academic, wellness, and career development tools to help students focus, relax and center.  These tools create mindfulness habits and prepare students to lead happy, healthy, and purposeful lives. 

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Feb 10, 2022

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