What Would Teens Do If They Knew They Couldn’t Fail?

"Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear." -George Addair.

What Would Teens Do If They Knew They Couldn’t Fail?

But, sometimes, fear is really just lacking a roadmap or the tools to succeed.  It is daunting to study for a test with no outline, notes or book, right?  So, how often do teens experience the angst or fear of not knowing how to start?

What if high school students had self-directed tools to help inspire, kick-start life plans and reduce stress?  How would they see themselves?

Countless studies have concluded that high school teen anxiety is at record highs since the Pandemic.  The demand is high for teen resources providing gap-filling tools for immediate, positive results. These tools must build life and learning skills while helping to enable skillful college and career choices.

What if teens had access to weekly career seminars with leading experts from a wide variety of professions as well as interactive self-development workshops? What if they could take advantage of facilitated future-planning sessions for personal, academic, and professional growth?

Holistic Learning is an online learning platform helping high school students achieve academic success as well as personal and professional growth. It integrates a range of timely and critical services including 1-on-1 tutoring, learning strategies, meditation and wellness courses, college and career counseling, and career seminars. Parents and educators see it as a valuable supplement providing students with the tools to live healthy, happy, and stress-free lives. Teens see it as a way to navigate fear of the unknown and intimidating life situations. 

“Holistic Learning is committed to accessibility and equality of access,” states Co-Founder Eli Marx-Kahn. “It was created as an online space to meet the needs that high school alone cannot meet. It helps students grow and visualize their path towards a meaningful and fulfilling future. The Pandemic made the need for a service like Holistic Learning greater than ever.”

Tiered subscriptions are available at www.holisticlearning.co based on frequency of tutoring desired, and are priced well below standalone tutoring, counseling, and wellness programs. Sliding scale scholarship opportunities are available for low income families, by inquiring at info@holisticlearning.co.   

Mar 15, 2022

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